About Jenn

Strong. Funny. Vivacious.

“Jenn Plotzke is director-proof. Any note you give, she incorporates in a nuanced and skillful way. Whenever we shot a scene with her, I somehow felt swept right off my feet. Dazzling. Charismatic. Funny and bold. A tremendous actress.” –Jeremiah Kipp, director of Fizzle and Lost + Found


“Seriously, though, Jennifer Plotzke is absolutely stellar here. She takes Milton/Sweeney’s dialogue and turns it into an absolute work of cinematic art.” –Richard Propes, The Independent Critic

“Plotzke was marvelous. She hit every note perfectly in her evolution. She is an actress ready to become the centerpiece of even larger productions.” –G. Rawlinson, Daily Herald

“Given the complexity of Milton’s language, Lost + Found would be inaccessible to most audiences but for the excellent performance of Jennifer Plotzke. Her portrayal is powerful, yet nuanced. The best thing about her performance is how she makes the Devil not only seductive, but attractive. Milton’s poem is ground zero for why many of us prefer the sexiness and sultriness…Plotzke captures this expertly, and I applaud her for the sweet perfection of her Satan.” –P Owen Fasso, Death Ensemble (review of Lost + Found)

Originally from the Windy City, Jennifer grew up on stage and studied theatre and performance in Chicago before packing up and heading east to make her way into film and television. 

Jennifer Plotzke is an award winning actress and producer with a career that includes both stage and screen. Most recently she appeared in the film Fizzle, starring Peter Friedman and Geoffrey Owens, directed by Jeremiah Kipp. In the past few years, she has also starred in The Red LotusMy Dinner With SchwartzeyLost + Found and Perfect and currently has multiple films on the festival circuit as both a producer and actress. She received a Best Actress award for her role in The Red LotusBest Actress nomination for her work in Uneffable, Fizzle was awarded Best Ensemble at the Independent Shorts Awards in Los Angeles and My Dinner With Schwartzey was just awarded a Best Ensemble award at the French Independent Film Festival in Cannes. She has worked on over twenty independent projects as a producer, including five films and a web series produced remotely during the 2020 quarantine. She recently produced a tv pilot, How Am I Doing? which was nominated for Best Long Form Pilot at the Soho International Film Festival and is currently screening at the Academy Award Qualifying Hollyshorts Film Festival in Los Angeles. Her upcoming film, From Venus With Love is in pre-production and Perfect and Lost + Found are currently streaming on Roku. She has several projects in development for 2021 including a feature film thriller, Trinities.

When she’s not performing, Jennifer keeps herself occupied as a painter. She loves travel, yoga, food and wine!


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